I want my students to learn to play the piano, appreciate music, learn to read music and not to be afraid to tackle any music, learn to play alone, with others, and to feel comfortable noodling on the piano without notation in front of them.  My ideal student will play the piano for the rest of his/her life after taking lessons with me.  I want to give them the tools to play properly and accurately with great technique, to be comfortable performing in front of others.

I don’t want my lessons to be all about examinations and marks and festivals and awards.  They are great incentives and I encourage my students to participate in these events, but they are not the be all and end all. 



In my studio, we:

  • Learn to play with proper technique, musicality and style
  • Learn to enjoy both classical and pop music
  • Learn lots of repertoire
  • Learn to play by ear
  • Learn to sight read
  • Learn rhythm
  • Learn 12 bar blues and how to chord
  • Prepare for exams and festivals
  • Play a lot for each other and in public
  • Learn to play duets
  • Learn to practise properly and efficiently
  • Have fun but work hard