Lesson Buddies


What is Lesson Buddies?

Lesson Buddies is a modified Group Lesson where two students and the teacher share the same time of an extended lesson.

Why should I enroll my child in Lesson Buddies?

  • offers children a very social learning environment that is able to capture both their imagination and their concentration.
  • improves their performance skills as they will be playing for each other 
  • improves sight reading and rhythm as they will be playing duets and rhythm ensembles
  • the fact that they know they will be expected to have something ready for a Lesson Buddy will give them impetus to practise regularly – teaching them to take responsibility of their practise time – That little bit of friendly competition will help!
  • children learning in a “class” environment often are spurred on to be more inquisitive learners by the interaction with other children.
  • helping others learn and actively listening to another is a great way to learn and remember something more effectively.

How do Lesson Buddies work?

  • The last fifteen minutes of one lesson and the first fifteen minutes of the next overlap.  
  • Giving the student a friend to learn new concepts with, perform for, play duets with, play rhythm ensembles with.
  • Cost of the extra fifteen minutes is adjusted to account for the pairing, so each student gets an extra fifteen minute lesson at a reduced price.
  • Extra care will be taken to match students with like abilities and levels.
  • Private lessons are still offered, but the Lesson Buddy program is strongly encouraged where possible
Megan Newcombe