Studio Policy

  1. Lessons must be paid for in advance by the month, term, or year, with post-dated cheques, cash or e-transfers.

  2. Fee for 2019/2020 lessons are as follows: One time administration fee of $10.00 per student which covers the cost of Recitals and an Exercise Binder. Lesson fee of $25.00 per half hour, $38.00 per 45 min and $50.00 per hour. Cost of music books are not included in this fee, however supplementary books will be lent to the student throughout the year. Performance Classes are held two to three times per year and are mandatory. Cost of these classes are $12.00 per person. Master Classes are planned either in the fall or the spring (tba) and are $13 per piece (attendance is optional).

  3. Harmony/History lessons are $30.00 per half hour, or $60.00 per hour.

  4. One month’s notice must be given prior to termination of lessons and all fees must be up to date.

  5. If I am notified within 24 hours that a particular lesson will be missed, I will do my very best to reschedule, up to A MAXIMIMUM OF TWO LESSONS per year from September to May. Lessons missed without notice are not made up, or refunded. Weekly lesson time is set aside for each student. Tuition pays not only for the training to be given, but also for holding the time slot each week.

  6. Should a lesson be cancelled by me, it will be re-scheduled at a mutually convenient time, or a refund will be given.

  7. Time lost due to lateness on the part of the pupil cannot be made-up nor will a credit be issued.

  8. It is very helpful for quicker advancement in the younger grades if the parent sits in during the lesson and thus can help the student during the week when they practice.

  9. Teachers respect the provision of Federal Legislation regarding protection of privacy. Personal information provided by parents will not be shared with others without express authorization by parents.

“Lesson Buddies” include an extra fifteen minutes which are shared with another student .  Cost of this extra fifteen minutes is $6 per person.  If a lesson is cancelled by a student in  “Lesson Buddies” , the extra fifteen minutes will be given to the remaining person  in the lesson. (for logistical reasons ,  that extra fifteen minutes cannot be made up anywhere else.

Performances, Festivals and Examinations

  • Public Performance is an important part of a musician’s experience and growth.

  • There will be two family recital performances per year.

  • Recitals are free admission to all audience members and are open to family and friends of the students.

  • Other recitals and performance opportunities will be communicated as they become available.

  • The option for examinations through the Royal conservatory of Music or Conservatory Canada are available to all students.

  • Music Festivals are also a wonderful opportunity for performances and examination preparation.

  • Orangeville Music Festival, South Simcoe Arts council Music Festival , Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival are just a few of the choices available. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these. Most deadlines to register are in December.

  • Mock Exams are available as an economical replacements of RCM/CC exams.

Practice at Home

  • Students are strongly encouraged to practise at least 5 times per week, and take responsibility for all aspects of the weekly assignment.

  • Consistency is important in learning, especially in music study. Regular practice assures rapid improvement to musicianship and skills.

  • Students are enrolled with the understanding that they have access to a proper piano or and appropriate electronic keyboard in their home for practice.

  • The practice environment at home should be quiet and free from the sounds of a TV/computer or any other distracting sounds.

  • Students usually make the most of their practice if it is scheduled ahead of time and is at the same time every day.

  • The most efficient practice time is usually in the morning.

  • Parent’s role in developing good practice habits cannot be overestimated. It is often the parents who keep their children motivated and focused on the task.

  • Parents are strongly recommended to monitor student’s practice on a weekly basis.

Suggested Daily Practice (FIVE DAYS PER WEEK)

Beginner (method book) to Levels 1 -3 equivalent:    15-30 minutes per day
Levels 4 – 6 or equivalent:                  45 minutes to 1 hour per day
Levels 7 – 8 or equivalent:                  1 to 1.5  hours per day
Levels 9 – ARCT or equivalent:                2 - 3 hours per day