A couple of years ago we were informed that our music teacher was relocating and she would no longer be able to teach in the area. We were upset to see her go but she reassured us that her referral would be a good fit and that we would be happy. Well.... she was correct and furthermore what a considerate parting gift she gave us!

Both my children have the utmost pleasure in working with Megan and continue to do so. Not only do they learn music but they also learn to have fun, to be disciplined, to be creative, confident and most importantly to be passionate about music.

Megan doesn’t stop there, she also teaches her students not only to embrace music from different genres and cultures from around the world but to share their learning through community events such as the South Simcoe Art Music Festival, Charitable Events and a variety of Recital Performances.

Megan has the innate talent of being able to work with all ages, genders and personalities. Megan doesn’t just teach piano, she teaches Success. Thank you Megan, for all you do!
— The Almeida family

I love the Performance Classes because they get me prepared for recitals and festivals - You can hear everyone else play and it is encouraging and challenging at the same time
— Ella

I have really enjoyed taking piano, theory, and music history lessons at Megan’s studio. Megan helped me through the process of preparing and applying for university music programs and has always been incredibly supportive and encouraging. She has provided me with numerous performing opportunities and is very knowledgable about different teaching strategies and current music examination criteria (such as the Royal Conservatory of Music), something which made a big difference to me as a student when taking exams and participating in music festivals.

Megan is an incredible person and music teacher who always goes above and beyond for her students, and I would highly recommend her as a teacher to students of all levels!
— Tessa

Megan’s passion for music, professional manner, and patience, along with her advanced pedagogical knowledge make her an outstanding piano teacher. She enthusiastically helps nurture my children’s musical interests. Megan skillfully teaches with creative techniques and incentives. She holds my children accountable to make time to practice with attentiveness and determination.

As a warm and generous teacher with a pleasant sense of humour, my children have enjoyed years under Megan’s instruction. She has prepared my children for RCM examinations and equips them to contribute their musical abilities as opportunities arise in daily life. It has been said, music is a gift to be shared with others. Megan regularly hosts artistic and engaging recitals, instructive master classes, and encourages and enables her students to share the music that they have diligently studied.

Megan’s passion for music has sparked in many young (and older) musicians and their music now warms countless souls around them.
— The Hughes Family